Minimise your risk potential professionally

Differing requirements call for customised solutions. This is particularly true when it comes to hedging risks.

Business liability insurance

Business liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance a company can have. It provides insurance coverage when the company is confronted with claims for damages. It helps to defend against unjustified claims and assumes the costs of a related legal dispute. Secondly, it serves to help settle legitimate claims after their amount has been verified.

However, the insurer will only be liable for a claim if relevant coverage is included in the insurance policy. That is why only comprehensive coverage can provide businesses with real security, especially against the backdrop of the increasingly stringent tort law.

As one of the leading Austrian claim liability specialists, we guarantee our clients competent and comprehensive consultancy, commensurate with the complexity of this field.

In addition, we have created individual liability concepts to ensure your optimum insurance coverage and can provide you with custom-tailored special agreements and numerous extended coverage solutions to suit your company-specific risk profile.

In some cases, additional coverage is required to achieve the insurance coverage that best fits your needs – coverage that goes beyond the scope of benefits provided by standardised insurance products. We have developed a variety of innovative insurance solutions that – unlike many standard products – offer our customers optimum, individually tailored insurance protection.

In addition, we offer our customers framework contracts that offer more favourable contractual conditions than conventional insurance contracts can provide.
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